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(2) Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Handle your meat like a man using these heat resistant BBQ gloves! Grease, bbq sauce, rubs, brines, blood, guts, beer, chicken fat, water-pan gunk, don't stand a chance against these. They are water proof, easy to clean, dish washer safe, heat resistant FDA Approved, BPA Free, 100% Silicone.

(2) BBQ Meat Handlers

Perfect for lifting butts, brisket, whole chickens, tri-tip, picnic roasts, and any meat straight off the grill or smoker. Shred that meat with ease. Great for pulled pork, beef, chicken, and more. Stay cool handles made from high quality heat resistant material, are easy to clean, and they are dishwasher safe.

(2) BBQ Grilling Mats

Use these non-stick, re-usable grill mats to keep sausages, fatties, vegetables, seafood, and other small items from falling through or sticking to your grill. Safe for all food, from food grate material, these mats keep the juices in your food and even preserves the grill marks.

Grilling & Smoking Association Membership

Become a Founding Member of the Grilling & Smoking Association where our mission is to provide a vast array of knowledge, techniques and skills in the grilling & smoking fields. We strive to help BBQ lovers to provide their families and friends with the absolute best food possible. First month GSA membership is free.

300 Recipes eBook

300 Recipes That Will Make You A Grilling God. Available as a downloadable PDF so that you can access these 300 recipes immediately. Everything from meat, to veggies, to seafood, and even some recipes you've never heard of but are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Meat Smoking Mastery Part I

"Your Complete Time & Temperature Guide" - Discover the "sweet spots" for smoking nearly any meat. Never again will you worry about serving under-cooked meat, or even worse... over-cooked meat! Download this PDF guide to your mobile device for easy access at all times.

Meat Smoking Mastery Part II

"Your Complete Wood Flavor Guide" - Discover the characteristics of nearly every smokable wood you can imagine. You will also discover which woods are GREAT for smoking with which meats and which woods are a BAD for smoking which meats as well as a list of highly poisonous woods that you should NEVER use for smoking meat. Downloadable PDF format for easy access and mobility.

I Love Grilling Meat Private VIP Group Forum Access

Get full and immediate access to the group that is quietly becoming known as the best, most supportive group of expert BBQ Pitmasters online. A safe place to get answers to all your grilling and meat smoking questions without the negativity and egos you may find on other sites. Just look at the comments below the order form...

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